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My Orange Sherbert Conditioner $38.50

This handmade conditioner made with fresh juiced oranges is ultra hydrating, nourishing, and rich.

Rosemary Thyme Shampoo $22.50

Invigorate your scalp when you cleanse with this hydrating shampoo infused with homegrown rosemary.

Smell Soo Good Hair Oil $25.50

Deep penetrating oils give your hair an illustrious glow with this strawberry infused oil.


Lemonade Hair Pomade $20.00

Use this lightweight moisturizer for nourished, lemon-fresh hair.

Pear Berry Leave-In-Conditioner $25.50

This pear, strawberry, peach blend leaves your hair feeling berry soft and hydrated.

Throw Back Curls $25.50

This lavender blend is the perfect combination of hold and moisture. Revitalize your natural curls with this curly cream.