We are open:

Tuesday through Thursday from 10:30AM to 7:30pm

Friday from 10:00AM to 7:00pm

Saturday from 10:00AM to 6:00pm

Sunday from 1pm to 5pm


and we are out gardening (closed) on Mondays!


our cancellation Policy:

Please keep in mind our cancellation policy. Clients who fail to cancel within 24 hour's notice will be charged 15% of scheduled services. No Show clients will be charged 20% of scheduled services. We understand that things happen, so if you are not able to make your appointment, you can reschedule before your appointment, free of charge. Call or leave us a voice message before your appointment time if you need to reschedule or cancel and we will adjust your appointment for you.


what does iwi stand for? how do i pronounce it?

iwi stands for "It Is What It Is" because every product includes recognizable products!


Yes! We definitely do. However, if you want to guarantee an appointment you can call to make an appointment or book online.

how do i make an appointment?

You can call to make an appointment or book online by searching for "iwi fresh mindbodyonline" on Google or using the link below:


We do not perform acrylic or S&S nails because these services have harmful effects on nailbeds. However, you can get gel nails for a longer, stronger manicure!


No, but we keep credit cards on file in case there is a cancellation.

where is your garden?

We partner with several farms and gardens in the community, such as Truly Living Well Farm and Good Shepherd Farm.

do i need to refrigerate all of my products?

The scrubs, oils, and butters do not need to be refrigerated.

The face products excluding the face masks, mint 2 be cleanser bar, and oats grits honey bar (14k glow moisturizer, squash it out cleanser, flax grits honey exfoliant, kale it out makeup remover, breakfast time mask, lettuce face it toner, rose beets face mist) all need to be refrigerated. The rose beets cream also needs to be refrigerated.

when do products expire?

Refrigerated products expire after about 3 months. The expiration date is listed on each product.

Products such as the scrubs, oil, and butters do not expire. However, since the ingredients are natural, the product can change in color, texture and smell after a year.

how do i use my face products?

Squash It Out Cleanser: Mix equal amounts of cleanser and yogurt before applying onto your skin before rinsing your skin with cool water. Place your iwi fresh cleanser back into the refrigerator.

Flax-Grits-Mato Exfoliant: Apply a dime size amount to fresh, clean skin once or twice a week. Rub in an upward circle motion before rinsing off with cool water.

Lettuce-Face-It Toner: Spritz your face evenly with your fresh lettuce toner before or after moisturizing.

14 Carrot Glow Moisturizer: Scoop a dime amount of moisturizer onto a clean palm and spread the moisturizer evenly on your hands. Apply the moisturizer onto fresh, clean skin in an upward motion. 

Place your iwi fresh face products back into the refrigerator after each use.

where can i purchase your products?

You can purchase your products online, in person at iwi fresh Garden Day Spa, online store,  or in the Whole Foods Market Ponce De Leon location in Atlanta, GA.


are your products available in all whole foods markets?

Currently our products are only available at the Whole Foods Market on Ponce De Leon Ave in Atlanta, GA.